Sharla Lovern with the City of Stillwater for more information

The Cycle Stillwater app is based on the Cycle Atlanta app, which was based on CycleTracks app originally developed for the San Francisco Country Transportation Authority.

Cycle Stillwater is a smartphone app for recording your bicycle trips. When you use the app, you are giving transportation planners with the City of Stillwater the data they need to make Stillwater a better place to ride.

The app uses your phone's GPS to record your routes in real-time, allowing the City of Stillwater to know which routes cyclists prefer. The app will also allow users to report problems along their route such as potholes, obstructed bike lanes, etc. The information collected by the app will be used by the City of Stillwater to make strategic improvements to bicycle infrastructure. This will make cycling in Stillwater more pleasant, and encourage those who currently don't bike to give it a go.